Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?

Tried to get onto Perfect Paths website and order some Total Contact. I see that there website is now down, and the owner has died(R.I.P). Does anyone have any news on the availability of this product?
For the price this stuff sold for, I am amazed that no one is willing to copy it.  Anything one man can do another man can do!Weren't the mats mostly shungite?
It wasn’t McDonald’s secret sauce, either. Nobody knows what the heck they are. 
Tim told me on many occasions that he was divinely inspired. So, my guess is that if one wants to know the secrets, one has to be in that special place.

Just got off the phone with Krissy. So many misconceptions. So many things I can never explain. Just as well. They'd never understand even if I did, eh Frank?