Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?

Tried to get onto Perfect Paths website and order some Total Contact. I see that there website is now down, and the owner has died(R.I.P). Does anyone have any news on the availability of this product?
Truth serums? Pacific Northwest? Naw, that's what they're doing in Los Angeles to determine if you've been surfing alone.

A Tandem Surf Board event is scheduled for the next Summer Olympics...someone of authority told me that so it bears repeating. Tom
Only if your DUI free. That's a new section of the banned drug testing schedule.Tom
Tom ... You're lucky you live where you do. The mayor of Los Angeles was proud to announce that the city officials will "HUNT DOWN" those who violate his edict to stay indoors. Where you live, they hunt deer. Here in the greater Los Angeles area, they hunt humans.

There are totalitarians in our midst.