Perfect Vinyl Forever

I have quite a few LPs that I would like to clean better than with my manual technique.  It is not cost effective for me to buy an Ultrasonic device.  Any experience that can be shared with the mail in service, "PERFECT VINYL FOREVER"?


There's a YouTube channel called SonicFlare. He interviewed the person who runs that service. A very intense cleaning with sophisticated equipment. I have not used the service since I have an ultrasonic cleaner and it serves me well.

PVF services cost $8/record for "Archival 3.0 " services, a nine-step process and $5/record for "Archival 2.0" services, a five-step process. I just received my mail-in box and will ship it out this coming Tuesday. I am hoping for the best as some of my records still have pops and other noise in the same spots, even after a cleaning with a KL Audio ultrasonic cleaner at a local record store. I can report back after my records are returned and I play them. I opted for the 3.0 service and flattening for two records.

Hi @grk, the quoted price sounds reasonable to me.  I don't have a big collection of vinyls (about 250+) to justify an ultrasonic cleaner.  Not to mention finding space for another piece of equipment.  I use a manual spin cleaner and it does a reasonable job, but I'm sure it can't beat a good ultrasonic cleaner.   

I'm especially interested in the "flattening" service that you mentioned.  I didn't know such service exists.  Would love hear your experience when you get those 2 records back.  Good luck.  Thanks!

I have used the service, and I would say it is just what you would expect. The records come back very thoroughly cleaned, although in some cases that does not mean they are perfect.

Without my requesting it, PVF also dewarped several of my records that needed it.

Turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks. Records come back as clean as you could get them with an ultrasonic cleaner on your own. Packaging is very carefully done. Everything comes back in new, high-quality sleeves.

US cleaning is just another fad and glitz show that’s currently ruining its course among vinyl newbies.

I quit using US back in 2007. Too inconsistent. Got tired of having to clean the “clean” records! Fact is, just got 5 “professionally packaged and Ultrasonically cleaned” records yesterday. Looked GREAT! Bright and shiny! Then on first play: Noise and garbage! Par for the course. I recleaned each of them. Now they’re quiet and sound great. No way of knowing with US cleaning tanks. Until you drop the needle.