Perlisten D212 Subs (2) in the house.

Lots of interest in subwoofers these days so I decided to take the plunge.  My listening room is large 17’W x 32”D x 16’ vaulted ceilings with an open back wall into other rooms.  Current speakers Wilson Alexia 1, Classe Delta Mono’s, and VAC Signature 11a SE.  Originally was going to buy REL G1 mark 2 but decided to take a chance on the Perlisten as its newer tech and specs looked very good.  At first I thought speaker level connection was the way to go and it may be with a tube power amp rig.  The argument of passing through the “color” of your amp kinda made sense.  But I run very neutral solid state power amps and any power “amp” color still goes though the sub’s power amps which adds its own sound thus that argument made less sense to me and my system. I’m also lucky that my pre has two XLR outs for bi-amping. I am still breaking in these subs so I have decided to not try a detailed matching to my floor standers yet.  I will say this.  They are currently set at 80htz low pass with no other DSP adjustment.  The SQ is great!  They have a very articulate and fast bottom end that amazingly “pairs” well with my Wilsons with no tweaking. The soundstage has increased and there is a better foundation to the music.  Will provide further assessments after break-in.


Just unpacked my D12’s and love the look, but very different then my JL E112’s, sound and setting wise. I haven’t had time to listen and tweek, but my Focal Sopra 3’s and CR-1 cross over truly go down to 31Hz, and I kinda was a little underwhelmed with the 45Hz low pass with, volume 10.5, trim 1.5, and 24db slope via XLR from the CR-1. I’m high passing my mains at 32Hz, but feel like these have less presents and punch them my JL’s at a similar frequency crossover low pass.

A lot of people pitch Perlisten as a better JL audio, but I feel like at least what I’m hearing is a very different subwoofer sound, maybe closer to a Rell Sound (speed and clarity wise), but these are supposed to be home theatre juggernauts too.

Still way to early to have a clue what I’m hearing.

So, you basically spent more than 10.000$ on something you didn't need and is now relegated to second system duty?

Wow, I wish I had your life! 

Please don't take it bad, I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything ;-) enjoy!

@rolox What was the purpose of your comment? Was it to provide important insight into a product or to congratulate someone on a new purchase? Why would you insult people and then say enjoy. Do you feel better when you do this? 

@ja_kub_sz. When I upgraded my speakers and no longer needed them in my 2 channel audio system I put them in my Home Theatre system.  Mine are the D212's so are not comparable but I love them in this application. They replaced my M&K 350's.  As you say the bass is faster and more articulate.  Not just a muddled boom that so many subs are.  I might suggest adjusting your volume, otherwise your adjustments seem good.

Skinzy, I tend to think subs without a highpass are not worth the time as it never sounds quite right. Wilson audio makes a pretty good sub controller for around $5k that would allow for the integration. Might not be worth it to you though if you are moving away from the subs.


i am curious if you have tried a higher crossover point. I found 60hz to be where most of these subs come into their sweet spot. Where they slam without sounding like “subs”. I currently use 2 JL E112 and have pretty munched highpassed them all at 60hz. My speakers (JBL 4367) also go down to the mid 30s and a 40-45hz crossover is fine but nothing special. At 60hz the system has noticeably more dynamic low bass. Once I get to 80hz crossover I feel like my system loses some bass texture. 

with your speakers so close to the wall they probably do kick pretty hard down low. When I had my Revel 228be (similar size to the Sopra) I had them 5’ off the wall the a high crossover of 60hz was needed to get a flat response in room.