Perlisten D212 Subs (2) in the house.

Lots of interest in subwoofers these days so I decided to take the plunge.  My listening room is large 17’W x 32”D x 16’ vaulted ceilings with an open back wall into other rooms.  Current speakers Wilson Alexia 1, Classe Delta Mono’s, and VAC Signature 11a SE.  Originally was going to buy REL G1 mark 2 but decided to take a chance on the Perlisten as its newer tech and specs looked very good.  At first I thought speaker level connection was the way to go and it may be with a tube power amp rig.  The argument of passing through the “color” of your amp kinda made sense.  But I run very neutral solid state power amps and any power “amp” color still goes though the sub’s power amps which adds its own sound thus that argument made less sense to me and my system. I’m also lucky that my pre has two XLR outs for bi-amping. I am still breaking in these subs so I have decided to not try a detailed matching to my floor standers yet.  I will say this.  They are currently set at 80htz low pass with no other DSP adjustment.  The SQ is great!  They have a very articulate and fast bottom end that amazingly “pairs” well with my Wilsons with no tweaking. The soundstage has increased and there is a better foundation to the music.  Will provide further assessments after break-in.


@rwbadley absolutely agree... I have volume set to 10.5. Perlisten did reach out and want me to software down-date to 1.23, but it’s looking to me like a bad amp module in one subwoofer.

@kennyc so now having many subs, both JL and Perlisten and sadly both my JL and Perlisten now have gone bad on me (one sub in each pair)... My thoughts thus far.

Build quality JL

Woofer quality Perlisten

Bass presence and SPL force JL

Bass speed and articulation Perlisten

Features and functions Tie

Customer Service Perlisten

Reliability JL (from my own personal experience)

So essentially a tie, however I would venture to make the case that for me I’d go JL F-12 if I could do it all over again at this juncture. Maybe I’ll change my mind given more time and once both D12's are subs are up and working. But I'm happy to have yet another sub sound in my collection (future speaker pairing and such).

Overall I’m still of the opinion that these are very different subwoofers.

I would liken SVS to JL, and Perlisten more so to REL. Again not that any of these are the same but in a sense of which sound is closer to which.

This thread has lost me, I can't tell if the people talking about the D12 meant the D212 or not.  The thread started off talking about the D212.  Perlisten has a D12 so the distinction matters.

I can't access the application. According to one review the sub generates a single 40Hz test tone. Makes adjustments to itself at its location across eleven parametric frequency bands?