Perlisten S5t

For those who have had the opportunity to hear and or own the S5t I am very interested in your impressions/opinions. 
Thank you.

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@steve59 you know I think you are right. At Axpona I kept going back to listen to the S7t speakers and while the bass was quick, tight and controlled there just wasn't something right about all images. I even commented to the guy running the room about different images either being larger than normal or others seemingly to small. He just nodded like ok! 

They do require work to get them right, and the image size is one issue placement mends.  In my experience.  Here, in my room.  But once they are dialed in, man oh man are they wonderful.  


Yikes, seems like you’re the clueless newbie here, this information has been out there for months if you even paid the slightest attention.

Tons of videos of Michael Borresen and Lars Kristensen mentioning that the X3 cabinet was 100% made, assembled, finished in China. Yes including the tacky-looking carbon fibre inserts.

This was also clearly mentioned in the review on hifipig.

If you’re still not convinced, give AGD a call, they’d be happy to tell you the sad truth. Funny how you claim to own the speaker when you don’t know anything about it. Sincerely hope you're not experiencing buyer's remorse now. How can you sleep now that you know a part of it was made in china?


Like I said....Being made in China doesn't bother me in the least....Great value. Keep your wooden box speakers ...I'll keep my beautiful looking and sounding BORRESENS. Thank you.

Ironically I now own Magico, the furthest thing away from wooden box speakers. So your lame ass comeback actually applies to yourself instead LOL. Keep your china-made wooden box speakers, thank you.