Perlisten S5t

For those who have had the opportunity to hear and or own the S5t I am very interested in your impressions/opinions. 
Thank you.

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sorry buddy but you're wrong on that one I even heard the owner saying that the cabinets of the X3 were made in China, before you go flapping your gums maybe you should get your facts straight.

With all do respect, no one can reliable judge the Perlisten S7t until you’ve taken the time to set it up properly in your own room. This is true for most speakers but especially the S7t. Tiny, painstaking adjustments of the kind that dealers will simply not bother doing will make or break the sound of this speaker. Perlisten might claim they are easy to set up. Not true, IME. Perhaps for adequate sound, but who here is into this hobby for adequate? Take the time to nail the set up and they are excellent.

Every speaker MFR says this:

I met the Perlisten guys at Axpona. They seemed to indicate that these speakers were designed to be some of the most forgiving speakers w.r.t placement/room deficiencies in comparison to all the competitor offerings.

I met the guys at Axpona in the Perlisten room. Told me the same thing about very easy to setup, doesn't require much work. I can say they were very knowledgeable about the product and took requests for any music to be played.

Regardless what they say. Just the fact that they have is directivity control and a wave guide makes them best for the kind of setup precision response i expect. 


For what it's worth I don't even consider speakers without waveguides anymore.