Perlite Speaker Stand Filler

Hi guys.Can anyone tell me if they are using this material for stand filler,how they think it compares to sand or shot & what type of filler to use(Horticulture Perlite or Granulated Masonary Fill)?Thanks much,take care...
I've thought about this. To damp ringing in a metal structure, you need mass applied to the structure. Lightweight materials simply won't have much effect on this. Gravel, because of the space between granules, is lighter than sand but does very effectively damp the ringing. Hence my solution.
As a geologist, I can tell you that gravel does not have more porespace then sand. They are about the same. The best case, is to mix fine sand into gravel, because the sand will fill the pore spaces between the gravel.
I have mine filled 50-75% with 100% silicon caulk. It works great and is quite dense when it dries. Try it out! Really.
Silicon caulking!Seems like a good idea,think I'll give that a try.Thanks much...
Anyone tried steel shot?   Since shotguns loaded with lead is banned in some places, there are companies that make steel shot, both plain and with zinc coating (rust resistant).

The stands I'm considering filling are tubular steel, so steel shot would add mass while being very similar material.