Permanently sealing a vented subwoofer??

I have a budget subwoofer that I would like to tinker with if the results are positive. I read that to some degree, sealed subwoofers can produce much better in a music based system than a vented subwoofer. What would be the results if I permanently sealed the vent on a vented subwoofer? What are the consequences? Is this possible?
Why permanent? Why not plug the vent? If it does not work out well, remove the plug. That is what the Hsu woofer has, i.e. foam to plug and unplug the port. If it works well, you can seal it permanently, if you still insists. Always try to have a possible recourse for unknown or unchartered territory. Once the preference is established, you can do whatever you want peermanently.
Hi Matchstikman,

The physical and electrical parameters of a driver used in a vented system are significantly different than those for a driver used in a sealed system. It is highly unlikely that you will improve your subwoofer by closing the vent. If you do experiemnt make sure you can remove the closure and taht you make no other permanent changes so that you can return the sub to its present state.

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Barry Kohan
I agree with the above. If you really want to tinker, buy a sealed enclosure raw driver and build an enclosure yourself. That would be the best way to go.