Perpetual P-3A vs Bel Canto DAC-1 vs MSB

Which is the best?
Thanks for all inputs?
Kitty, your question is way too general. What is your existing system? What type of sound are you trying to acheive? What is your price range? Each one is different, please refine your question so you can get a useful response.
Sorry Kitty, I can't ans. your question either. However, it's not a bad question. Both have the status of killer products at reasonable prices.Not like you were comparing DCS /Levenson to either of these.
Hi My system:a cheap DVD,Musical Fidelity A300 inte. amp and
Audio Physic Virgo I listen to all sorts of music.
Kitty, I have compared the P-A3 and the MSB Link Dac II in the same system using a Sony 9000ES DVD/SACD player as a transport. I actually perferred the MSB over the P-A3 in our tests. The MSB seemed to be a little smoother. I will get to listen the MSB link Dac III very soon with the upsampling card. The P-A3 is a very nice DAC though and your mileage may vary. It is also important to note that the MSB had alot more hours on it than the P-3A. BTW both of these DACs smoked the DACs in the Sony for regular CD playback. Here is a link to a review at the Secrets site. It compares the Bel Canto, MSB, and mentions the P-3A for reference. Good luck.

Hi, I have worked extensively with both the MSB Link DAC and P.T. P-3A DAC. I have not heard the Bel Canto DAC 1 so I can't comment.

I have done extensive mods to both Link DACs and the P-3A for which I also offer commercial mods. They are both great units. The stock P-3A easily betters the Link DAC IMHO. The modified units are closer in comparison. The Link DAC with mods is FAR superior to the stock unit and is much smoother with greatly enhanced/expanded soundstage. The P-3A with mods is also much smoother and richer sounding with even greater extension and detail.

When I compare the two units with mods head-head (no upsampling for Link DAC) I prefer the P-3A with signature mods due to its greater resolution and detail. The Link DAC sounds a bit smoother perhaps due to a lack of resolution. The modified Link DAC sounds VERY good, but compared to the modified P-3A, it seems to lack resolution.

They are both excellent units and are also at different price points. The Link DAC with mods is around $450 used and $600 new and the P-3A with mods is around $880 used and $999 new. I feel that they represent different levels of performance for different budgets.

I hope this helps,

Dan W.
If you listen to a lot of average rock/alt recordings go with a new Bel canto dac 1.1, slow roll-off filter really makes many poor recordings sound their best possible. If you listen to mainly audiophile type recordings get a P3A with monolithic power supply, slightly more detailed than BC dac 1.1, better than MSB full nelson.
Found this site which is has some data on the units in this discussion:

Worth reading.
I personally have the P3A with the power supply upgrade. First, the upgrade is essential - performance dramatically improved for very little cost.

PS: I'm doing a comparison of the P3A to the TACT internal DAC this weekend.
Haven't heard the P-3A, but I did compare the Belcanto with
the MSB link II and, to my ears, the Bel Canto came out on top --- it offered a smoother, cleaner, less 'clanky' sound.