Perpetual Technologies P1,P3, and Monolithic PS

What is the deal with all of these units on Audiogon? I have this setup, and it is by far the best D/A combo I have ever heard for anywhere near the price!! I used to work in the business, and we had a lot of high end gear. The differences between this combo and the high end CD players or DAC's is very miniscule. There are even posts up for all three with a price of $800! This is the bargain of the century! I am wondering if people are using inferior transports, cables, preamps, amplifiers, or what?? If anyone has these units for sale, or have sold these units, please let my know the reasoning.
I had those units too, and sold after 3 months of using, because nevertheless I have got improvements they were not substantial.
But it was really annoying it was generating (especially P1) some kind of noise and I could not watch TV when it was power up. It was interrupting music by itself, I could not find the reason. I have heard bigger improvements with some old Theta 16/44.1 DAC hooked up to my old Arcam Alpha 6 them with this 24/96. Those unit got me better liquidity, bass was a little better defined but somehow liner, width and depths was the some, dynamic in micro scale was definitely better, but in macro was in opposite way.
I would keep it but because of interference and these annoying interruptions I have decided to sell, even it has given me 10% of overall improvements in some fields. But definitelly it was not class A.
I also was not happy with a P1a that I bought used. I hooked it up with MSB Link Dac (to replace a DTI Pro). Yes I could hear tremendous detail but actually harsh sound, like jitter, and it changed the character of the Link Dac *completely*. From being dynamic and open sounding, the Link became very refined and buttoned-up sounding, not the sound that I like from music. But the worst was the subtle harsh undertone that gave me a headache after a while. A faulty unit? Could be...
I have PT P1&P3 (no Mono PS) and had the WrightMods done to the DAC. They are very revealing and transparent and the DAC can be a bit ruthless by itself. The WrightMods took away all etch, leaness, etc., and the DAC sounds so good it took me 2 weeks to plug the P1 back in after getting it from Dan Wright. It's worth the $450.00 for the complete mod - the new system beats three $2,000.00 - $3,500.00 current Cd players I borrowed to audition.
(1) Does anyone know the upgrade service in the market for P-1A or P-3A. I purchased Revelation CRYO-Cables for Power Supply & I2 months ago. It really helps. But is there any professional company offering upgrading services in the market??

(2)As I read the information that other Audiogon members mentioned there is a software called "SOCS Solution" for P-1A for sound enhancement. Does anyone know the details?
I owned this Trio for 6 months. My P3A had been modded by Dan Wright and I had the speaker correction softwarre for my Thiel 2.3's. I ended up selling the lot because after several months of listening I just did not like it. On my system, in my room, with my ears, I just thought the wide variety of music I played sounded mechanical and fatiguing.

I had this experience recently hearing this trio on a friends system that was significantly better than mine. This is just my opinion based on my experience.