Perreaux SA2 Preamp's Phono Stage

Any one familiar with this preamp?

I have the SA2 preamp and would like to utilize the phono stage for MM. There are 2 connections for MM and 2 connections for MC. There are no markings indicating a difference other than the MM/MC.

I hooked up a known working TT w/ MM and the gain must be too high, as I'll get the low freq. feedback as output is increased to even a modest level. Didn't realize a difference when switching to the other MM input.

Popping the hood, there where no obvious switches/dips to suggest some sort of adjustability.

On the MC side, two connections also, there where jumper plugs installed on one set. How are these jumpers utilized?

The Perreaux website only offers a one page spec sheet.
Any assistance on this unit's phono stage would be greatly appreciated.
Low frequency feedback is not necessarily evidence of too much gain in the phono stage. Perhaps there is a tonearm/cartridge mismatch such that the resonant frequency is in the audio range. The resonant frequency is a function of tonearm effective mass and cartridge compliance. What tonearm and cartridge are you using? Sorry. I know nothing about your preamp.
Yes, GW connected. Had similar, but not as bad results with hookin' up an el cheapo TT. Must be a problem with the stage as the line ins work fine.
Thanks for the feedback,