Personal amp evolution

Seeing the over night success of the speaker evolution thread, it may be interesting to see what type of amp(s) we have all run. Same deal as the other thread-we will sort of create a puzzle of our systems you'll have to visit multiple threads to put everything together!!! ;)
For me I started:
Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks
Rotel RB-990bx
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5
Balanced Audio Technology(BAT) VK-60

either a CAT JL2, BAT VK-75se or Tenor 75Wp on the horizon.
EICO HF52 (mono integrated amp)
Dynaco Stereo 70
Dynaco Stereo 120
McIntosh MC 250
McIntosh MC 2100
Crown D150A
Apt One
Perreaux (forget model)
Audio Research D79C
Goldmund Mimesis 6
Bryston 7B ST monoblocks

The Brystons are my "keep forever" amps.

Hi Tim, glad to hear from you too. I can't say I have seen your posts here at Agon lately. Keep them comin'. How you been and if you have made any changes ? (to amps to keep in line with thread subject ;-))
Brian, of course its really me :)

Nil, I very seldom lurk, let alone post these days, I just happened to pass through the forums and saw your reply was the most recent and thought I'd say what's up! I've missed a few updates, but am casually on the market for a new amp right now, I just want to try something different - as much as I claim to not be an audiophile, the curse is still with me. Life has been great on my end, sold my business a little over a year ago, have a few small projects going now, nothing that takes much time though, I've been focusing on catching up on the time I lost with my former crazy work schedule. Planning on moving in about a year to a slightly warmer climate, driving a S2000 with not a care in the world, it's glorious. Still have the NSX? How's things with you???
Tim, Yes once you are audiophile, the curse remains-always. Well, it is nice to have some free time and relax and enjoy life. Me, I have to wait till I retire which is decades away.

Things are great with me, still in California, driving a 2002 triple black Boxster S and 2005 black G wagen. Never had a NSX, but that was my dream car in the 90's, still like the look of it though- a classic look.

I highly recommend Zanden 9600 monoblocks, a little pricey for a casual search, if you are in the market for a great amps.

Good luck with your search.
I don't think that is the first time I've made that mistake about the NSX, perhaps it is me looking into my crystal ball and seeing your future :)