Personal amp evolution

Seeing the over night success of the speaker evolution thread, it may be interesting to see what type of amp(s) we have all run. Same deal as the other thread-we will sort of create a puzzle of our systems you'll have to visit multiple threads to put everything together!!! ;)
For me I started:
Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks
Rotel RB-990bx
Jeff Rowland Design Group Model 5
Balanced Audio Technology(BAT) VK-60

either a CAT JL2, BAT VK-75se or Tenor 75Wp on the horizon.
Going all the way back to childhood (not high end but wtf, it's my list)...
Panasonic console
Kenwood receiver
Carver TFM-35x amp
Forte 1a amp
Pass Labs x250.5 amp
Kenwood KA-3500
Advent Receiver
NAD 3020
Cyrus 2
B&K ST-140
ASL Wave 8
Musical Paradise MP301
Don Allen Cakepan
DIYTube ST-35
Audio Innovations Alto
TAG Mclaren 60i/60p
Audiopax Model 5 and Model 88
Bent Audio Tap-X
Audiopax Model 5 and Maggiore M100
2012: Reference amps: Rowland M725 monos.
May 2013: Reference amps: Rowland M925 monos.