Personal speaker evolution

OK, so here is a thread I haven't ever seen here: What speakers have you owned? starting with the earliest, price paid, new/used, and perhaps the models that really impressed you (for the price) in CAPS.

Rat Shack Something or others, $120, new
Fisher Something or others, $280, new
ADS L710's, $550, new
Snell A2i's, $1100, used
BEVERIDGE SYSTEM 3'S, $1000, used
Martin Logan CLS, $1400, used
MARTIN LOGAN SL3'S, $2300, used
no-name clock radio with cassette, mono with the tone dial set to "high"
fisher boom box- it had an eq! (total audiophile stuff, huh?)
sanyo boom box- bass reflex Boom!
Sansui speakers, blown and reconed free from friend, mated to a yamaha receiver $40 dollars total, not bad.
new av reciever blows old speakers, replace with used Infinty SM 152,($300, overpaid but fun) hearing loss ensues.
Boston Acoustics a70's hooked to old yamy, sound great, within limits.
boston cr 57 surrounds and hd5 center mated to infinities. No sub, and no need for one.
currently looking at building a set of speakers, because I have utterly no sense. At all!
KLH 17 (high School '67)
Dyna A-25
EPI 50
KLH 6 & 5
Custom cab. double Peerless 3 way
Altec 602-c corners (loud)
Macintosh with some ugly wood grills
JBL LE-15 w/ Janzen electrostats Custom box
Warfdale 60-D 60-E
Heil AMT 1, now with new woofers
Tannoy Red 15" in custom box (lost in a flood)
Tannoy Golds 15" Belevedere Box (in my office)
Snell A-III Main Home sys.(Best of the bunch) Krell pre, bi-amp Bryston 3B's

I am a cabinetmaker so many systems were shop built. I am currently thinking of building GFR boxes for the Tannoy Golds. I never spend much money on systems, just buy used and distressed sales.
As well as memory serves...

Pacific Stereo Quadraflex ST-15
Pacific Stereo TransAudio (forgot model number)
A/D/S 710
Braun L810
GNP Valkerie
Vortex Screens (Albert Von Schweikert)
Genesis 8300
Alon II
Scientific Fidelity Crown Joule
Speaker Art Clef
Speaker Art Double Odyssey
ESP Concert Grand
ESP Concert Grand SI
1. Pioneer HPM40(blew tweeters out)2. Norman Labs Towers (3-10inchers)- fair 3. Klipsch LaScalas(loud!)4. Klipsch Cornwalls(big and ugly) 4. Klipsch cornerhorns(nice but nowhere to put them in a real-world room) 5.Klipsch ChorusII (overated) 6. Thiel 3.6 (new-now were talkin) &. Legacy Focus (not as accurate) 7. Thiel 2.4 (shouldnt have sold) 8. VonSchweikert VR4Jr (bottomed-out) 9. Thiel 3.6(used)-now back to sonic nirvana! The Thiels used are a bargain and are wonderful! MHO