Personal speaker evolution

OK, so here is a thread I haven't ever seen here: What speakers have you owned? starting with the earliest, price paid, new/used, and perhaps the models that really impressed you (for the price) in CAPS.

Rat Shack Something or others, $120, new
Fisher Something or others, $280, new
ADS L710's, $550, new
Snell A2i's, $1100, used
BEVERIDGE SYSTEM 3'S, $1000, used
Martin Logan CLS, $1400, used
MARTIN LOGAN SL3'S, $2300, used
Dynaco from the time I was in junior high until I got out of college in 1986

1986 - 2009: Snell E-II

2009 - present:

Soliloquy 6.5 (owned them for a few months)
Merlin TSM-SE (owned them for a few weeks)
Silverline SR-17.5 (owned them for 7 or 8 months)

Silverline Bolero (just got them and plan to keep them about as long as I did the Snell E-II's! Will rework the crossover with Duelund components at some point though.
Sony mini system, hooked up my Dad's Sony bookshelf speakers from the early 70's-91'

Cerwin Vega Re38-94' HUGE 15" WOOFERS currently fronting my A/V system

B&W CM-4 08' right now in my bedroom system, moving to main A/V system when I obtain matching center and surround

B&W 802 Matrix S2 09'
Sold the Audio Physic Step SLE.
Bought me the normal Steps with the iron black stands ,very musical sepakers!
Avalon Opus.
Chario Academy Mill. 1.
Musical Affairs Sonatine.
I find it interesting where the original poster advanced from buying new to used. I just bought my first ever pair of brand new ML's, but only because they'd been purchased by the original owner and were never unsealed. Hand me downs is the way to go for anything audio. Can you say depreciation?
I prefer not to say "depreciation". My program just isn't designed to absorb that kind of a loss.

My speaker progress has taken me through many changes, some of which are listed back on page 3 or 4 of this thread. Today I have a pair of mid/high horns mounted on top of an old pair of JBL woofer cabinets. I've had them for about 20 months now and I'm pretty certain the search is over. I don't even imagine that there is something better out there for me. What a great feeling!!