Personal speaker evolution

OK, so here is a thread I haven't ever seen here: What speakers have you owned? starting with the earliest, price paid, new/used, and perhaps the models that really impressed you (for the price) in CAPS.

Rat Shack Something or others, $120, new
Fisher Something or others, $280, new
ADS L710's, $550, new
Snell A2i's, $1100, used
BEVERIDGE SYSTEM 3'S, $1000, used
Martin Logan CLS, $1400, used
MARTIN LOGAN SL3'S, $2300, used
1959 Zenith Console - Gift from parents (Had nothing to compare them to, I just remember that they made sounds)
1970 Small Advents - $200 (Love Loved These for years)
1983 Time Windows - $600 (Loved These guys Very Much)
1987 Merlin 2 Way Tower - $1000 (Love/Hate)
1988 Merlin Excaliburs $2500 (No Love Just Hate)
1990 Dahlquist DQ-10 Free (Loved These Guys a Lot)
2000 Merlin TSM $2500 (Very Disliked, Got Rid of within 60 Days)
2000 Revel F30 $1500 (Love Loved These Guys, Killed me to sell)

in 2008 I lost my long time dedicated listening room in exchange for a new wife. Now I'm relegated to listening to a diminished system in one of our bedrooms (it's still wonderful but a mere shadow of my old system).

2008 NHT Classic 3s - $500 (Love Them, Unbelievable sound at this price point)

I'd love to get a pair of Revel F52s and set up another system in the family room but that will have to wait until a death or a divorce occurs (whichever comes first).
in the past:
Allison One, AR 10 Pi, Sonus Faber Extrema, B&W DM 6 & Silver Signature, Swiss Physics 101, Chario Signature, WATT, Apogeee Full RAnge, Tympani III SW, MG 20, Avalon Ascent, Tolteque, Beveridge 3, Acoustat Monitor, Audio Static 300 & 900, Makoto, Cello Amati, Electrovoice Sentry 3, Patrician, Rogers 3A/5, ESS Transar, Dalquist DQ10, Snell A, Quad 63, Altec A7, Bozak Concert Grand, Eminent Tecnology 2, Stax 81 & 88.

Actually: Klipschorn, ESS, Gauss, JBL 4350, ANE Silver Signature, FAL, Yamamura Chrchill Ariadne & Dionisio.
Bose 401 floor standing, Yamaha solid state receiver
Audio Physic Spark IV, Jolida tube amp, Rel sub

That is it, been into this just about an year, lets see where it goes next, I love the sound so far, bass is still a bit tight, soundstage is amazing, so is the resolution.
Pioneer/centrex. 1976
ADS 610 1983
Magnepan MG 3a. 1987
Avalon monitors 1997
Avalon Opus 2001
Piega C 3 limited 2006
Quad 2805. 2011
JVC boxes?,Paradigm 7se($500.00 new),KEF Cantor 3(?),Magnapan MG 1.4($1400.00 new),B&W DM630i($1200 new),B&W DM1800(store demo?),Paradigm Studio 60V2($500 used)KEF Reference 3($1800 used),Paradigm Studio 100V3($1900 new),PMC TB2+($650 used),Focal JM lab Electra 936($5,000 new), Klipsch RF63($1100.00 new floor model), Energy RC50($600 used), Quad 22l2($1100 new), Currently with Klipsch Cornwall III ($3800.00 new)for 2 channel and Paradigm studio 60V1,20V1 and center V1 for home theater(purchase all used for $700)

That was fun!