Perspective system advise needed.

Here's a new system that might work in my rather smallish room: NODE streamer/DAC (used as a streamer), Denafrips Terminator or Denafrips Plus DAC, and powered speakers like Buchardt A500, or step up to a pair of Genelec 8351B. Perhaps a pair of Dynaudio Focus 30 towers. I haven't heard these speakers and am somewhat apprehensive and confused. I Need the advice of those music lovers who have experienced such a setup with these speakers. What do I have to add/modify to my setup? The rough cost of my perspective system has to be 10 - 13 K US.


Those are all good setups and should all sound good though different folks will always have different personal preferences. 

You don’t need a DAC for Genelec the ones speakers. The new KEF LS60 would work in a small room, again no DAC or streamer needed. Dutch and Dutch 8c another with built in DAC and streaming if using Roon.  I've never heard the A500 but I have tried the A700, you should consider their hub so you have access to their room correction.  Don't know about the Focus 30 but Dynaudio is coming out with a new active you can stream right to the speakers. Devialet Phantoms ditto no DAC or streamer needed. Of these I like the Dutch and Dutch then Genelec 8351b. 

Thank you, mapman. I thought to make this my "end game" and wondered how long those components and speakers would last. I am 66 y.o. 

Thanks, roxy54. I am a non-native speaker, and in my native language, there is one letter for one sound. Russians joke that when brits write: Manchester, they read: Liverpool. Jokes aside, I wondered whether you could provide me with expert advice on the matter in my original post. I am sure you'll write it in English - the language you so well mastered and, perhaps, the only one you speak, aren't you?