Perspective system advise needed.

Here's a new system that might work in my rather smallish room: NODE streamer/DAC (used as a streamer), Denafrips Terminator or Denafrips Plus DAC, and powered speakers like Buchardt A500, or step up to a pair of Genelec 8351B. Perhaps a pair of Dynaudio Focus 30 towers. I haven't heard these speakers and am somewhat apprehensive and confused. I Need the advice of those music lovers who have experienced such a setup with these speakers. What do I have to add/modify to my setup? The rough cost of my perspective system has to be 10 - 13 K US.


Thanks, roxy54. I am a non-native speaker, and in my native language, there is one letter for one sound. Russians joke that when brits write: Manchester, they read: Liverpool. Jokes aside, I wondered whether you could provide me with expert advice on the matter in my original post. I am sure you'll write it in English - the language you so well mastered and, perhaps, the only one you speak, aren't you?

From my perspective, I would consult with your grandpa, or better yet your grammar about your prospective system! That's my "advise."

Thanks, djones51. I was not aware that Genelecs have a built-in DAC. Although those KEFs do. You see, I strive to get the great sounding system for less. Still, my impression of a Terminator II and Terminator Plus is that these would give me a much more refined and life-like sound compared to the built-in DAC in my NODE streamer or most of the wireless speakers you have mentioned. Yes, I have read that D&D are great speakers, on par with the Genelec 8361B, and I may also consider them, even though they are more expensive.

You can have a nice system with any of the stuff listed in this thread. But you have severely limited your options for advancing your system. If you just want a music system you are fine, but if you want to grow and expand your knowledge and sound quality, you need to start with some basic building blocks, such as an amp and speakers. 




My advice is to spell advice with a "c".

Well, for the prospective system… 
The Genelecs make a lot of sense.


As @djones51 mentioned:

You don’t need a DAC for Genelec the ones speakers

So the OP may be better off getting a sub than a DAC... (IMO).


You can have a nice system with any of the stuff listed in this thread. But you have severely limited your options for advancing your system

I think that the OP would end up with something that likely is fine sounding, without the hamster wheel of upgrading amps and preamps, and sources.

So it makes a lot of sense IMO to go with the fully engineered solution.

I would not worry about missing anything in terms of cobbling together preamps, amps, cables, and power supplies. The OP gets well down the road without (god know how much) waste in terms of extras to tune the system.