Perspective system advise needed.

Here's a new system that might work in my rather smallish room: NODE streamer/DAC (used as a streamer), Denafrips Terminator or Denafrips Plus DAC, and powered speakers like Buchardt A500, or step up to a pair of Genelec 8351B. Perhaps a pair of Dynaudio Focus 30 towers. I haven't heard these speakers and am somewhat apprehensive and confused. I Need the advice of those music lovers who have experienced such a setup with these speakers. What do I have to add/modify to my setup? The rough cost of my perspective system has to be 10 - 13 K US.


Thank you, holmz.

Minimalism in audio (or Future-fi as some call it) makes much more sense than all those twenty-century creations, like preamps and multi-thousand dollars worth of room treatments.

I for one am firmly aboard the FutureFi bandwagon.  It’s hard to go wrong there, personal preferences aside.  

Still, my impression of a Terminator II and Terminator Plus is that these would give me a much more refined and life-like sound compared to the built-in DAC in my NODE streamer or most of the wireless speakers you have mentioned.

The speakers I mentioned don't have to be ran wireless you can connect them with ethernet cables. I agree with your FutureFi minimalism which is why I pointed out  the speakers you were looking at you don't need a DAC, more to the point using an external DAC would not change the sound as all of the inputs go through the built in DAC of these types of speakers. The analog input simply goes through an ADC first so while it is possible to use your own DAC it doesn't do anything except add another conversion and increase cost. 

I think you're on the right track with your philosophy but do a bit more research on the speakers you're considering.  The Genelec 8351b is an excellent speaker and in a small room I doubt a subwoofer would be needed for most music. 

Room correction is certainly something to look into, even if it's just hanging some sound-absorbing items on the walls to cut down on sound reflecting all over... 

@hoping ...which does not necessarily have to be complicated to be great.

I have a couple of "minimalistic" systems. One is a source, a tube integrated, and a pair of LS-50s. Very affordable and a decent sounding system.