Perspective system advise needed.

Here's a new system that might work in my rather smallish room: NODE streamer/DAC (used as a streamer), Denafrips Terminator or Denafrips Plus DAC, and powered speakers like Buchardt A500, or step up to a pair of Genelec 8351B. Perhaps a pair of Dynaudio Focus 30 towers. I haven't heard these speakers and am somewhat apprehensive and confused. I Need the advice of those music lovers who have experienced such a setup with these speakers. What do I have to add/modify to my setup? The rough cost of my perspective system has to be 10 - 13 K US.


@hoping If you aren't too familiar with DAC's you might want to spend 1/2 to an hour listening to the Youtube presentations from Paul at PS audio in Boulder. Brief but informative. Other than mentioning his own product and some positive comments (of course), he doesn't go around pointing fingers, or shaming, and just gives the basics. His company was one of the pioneers of the addon DAC. I tried to list them in order of what I consider important, so if you don't want to watch them all. and there are more also.

You don’t need to go down the rabbit hole of DACs it’s one of the least important components in a system unless it's a distortion generator. You definitely don’t need to watch YouTube videos from PS Audio. The active speakers you’ve mentioned all have good DACs in them, there are some that don’t  have DACs but you haven’t shown any interest. If you are interested, Focal Trio11 be, Neumann 420, Geithain 804 are some good ones. I have heard a lot of these speakers and for the money the Genelec 8351b or KEF LS60 and Buchardt are exceptional, depends on your preferences. Don’t get sidetracked your thinking is spot on.

@hoping I agree that deciding on what speaker you prefer first is most important and being sure to pair it with an amp that's a good match. These two should take maybe 50-75% of your budget.

From the components mentioned, I'm guessing you are relying on youtube video reviews...which are limited in covering the range of what's out there. Do you have a chance to demo gear at stores, homes or shows before deciding? Speakers are all a matter of priorities and tradeoffs, so it makes it important to get a good sense of what matters most to you and if you can't demo, look for detailed descriptions of the characteristics of each contender from multiple experienced sources. 
IF you've heard any systems that really sound great to you, describing what gear and what you loved about it may help people steer you towards items that have those same strengths.

Also, it takes great courage engaging in a non-native language. I applaud you and apologize for comments implying the flat earth ends at someone's borders. Cheers,


And don't forget about room treatments,  dsp does nothing for reverb which smear sound stage immensely. 

I don't know if I phrased that correctly since I'm from Sweden and the grammar police might catch me 😨