Pet Sounds: Most Overrated Album of All Time?

Try as I might -- and I have tried very hard -- I just don't get the "genius" of this album. I know that George Martin said that Sgt Pepper would have never happened without Pet Sounds, but I don't think the two are even in the same league. What am I missing?
The Beach Boys are the greatest American rock band of all time, ranking only behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in terms of influence on rock/pop music. Pet Sounds is their defining genius. This is timeless music, sounding as fresh today as it did 40 years ago. I love you Brian, rest in peace Carl and Dennis.
"country my expectations, based on that music alone, were right on."

Agreed, even though they didn't grow up near the beach and didn't surf. The harmonies were incredible and unlike anything being heard at that time.
...and the French supposedly consider Jerry Lewis a genius - but I don't force myself to watch his movies.