Peter Gabriel and music like his


I'm a big fan of Peter Gabriel and his music in every aspect. Do any of you know of well-recorded musical styles like his whether female or male. Thanks.
Well, there's nothing quite like Peter Gabriel; even early Gabriel (e.g. Genesis) is very different from his current stuff. You might like Steve Hackett's recent releases (he was also in early Genesis). Another band that falls into the art-symphonic-progressive vein and has Gabriel-like moments is "The Flower Kings - Stardust We Are".

try expanding into Gabriels projects other than his "solo" stuff. Afro Celt Sound System is killer. kind of techno meets "Sounds From the Hearts of Space"
That is a tough question. If you like the new world music there is an AWFUL lot that sounds the same.Which to me is totally different from his Genesis and solo stuff. I would second Hackett's work and Tony Levin's work