Peter Gabriel....Bad sounding CD's......groan.....

Hello all
I'm a big Peter Gabriel fan and own all his cd's. Aside from his latest release UP, all his cd's sound horrible. Thin, bright, digital, and lifeless. Does anyone know if DCC, MFSL, or any other company that specialized in remastering recordings worked on his stuff? I noticed some of his cd's in the music store now sport the 'digitally remasterd' logo. Are they that much better then the 'older' releases? Also I see he has just released a Greatest Hits cd, are those songs remastered and improved?. Please do not recommend analog records as that is not an option for me right now.
Thanks in advance guys

Favorite Peter Gabriel CDs anyone?

I like stuff on the fringe, King Crimson, Portishead etc... and wonder what Gabriel stuff may compare.


Have you tried his original LP's. They're not much better. Especially "So". There's sibilence in the recording. Tried this on several different systems with the same result. Either bad mastering or bad pressings (and I've tried several). Good music though - just suitable for the walkman and not the main system.

I had the originals...have a couple remastereds...and a couple SACD's...each step up was definitely an appreciable difference...enjoy.

All Peter Gabriel titles were released in Germany (from the Nimbus plant) a year before being released in the U.S. Those German versions have been the best cd versions to this day. I find the remasters to have lost punch and emotion in order to eliminate hiss. (The same thing happenned to the Cat Stevens remasters). The sacd version's are better (I have them all) but for CD the German's are IT.