PF "Obscured by Clouds":how good is Japanese lp?

In my local shop i see 2 used near mint versions of Pink Floyd's "Obscured by Clouds":one is US pressing for $10 and the other one is Japanese for $40.How big is the sound gap between these two to justify shelling out $40 for it.Thanks for your comments.
We have both. If the US version is an early pressing and in great condition as you say, buy it. The extra $30 is better spent on other vinyl.
I don't know how to read the label to find out if it is an early pressing or not.Can you give me some tips?Thank You.
Honestly I don't know either. The reason I know ours is any early pressing is my husband bought it on release in 1972. Maybe somebody else can jump in here.
Overhang, Pink Floyd -Obscured by Clouds US Green Harvest label ST-11078 was the first US release back in 1972. Sound is not that bad.
British UK green Harvest, rounded sleeve original SHSP4020
has a more upfront sound is a bit more dynamic than the US But isn't as quiet as the japanese. My personal favorite.
Japanese Odeon Black Label Toshiba EOP80575 is a nicer pressing and a quieter surface. LOL finding one.
A Denmark DE copy would probably also be much like the UK copy but, I can't say first hand with this title as I have not heard one. Their vinyl pressing is generally excellent.