PF "Obscured by Clouds":how good is Japanese lp?

In my local shop i see 2 used near mint versions of Pink Floyd's "Obscured by Clouds":one is US pressing for $10 and the other one is Japanese for $40.How big is the sound gap between these two to justify shelling out $40 for it.Thanks for your comments.
We have both. If the US version is an early pressing and in great condition as you say, buy it. The extra $30 is better spent on other vinyl.
I don't know how to read the label to find out if it is an early pressing or not.Can you give me some tips?Thank You.
Honestly I don't know either. The reason I know ours is any early pressing is my husband bought it on release in 1972. Maybe somebody else can jump in here.
Overhang, Pink Floyd -Obscured by Clouds US Green Harvest label ST-11078 was the first US release back in 1972. Sound is not that bad.
British UK green Harvest, rounded sleeve original SHSP4020
has a more upfront sound is a bit more dynamic than the US But isn't as quiet as the japanese. My personal favorite.
Japanese Odeon Black Label Toshiba EOP80575 is a nicer pressing and a quieter surface. LOL finding one.
A Denmark DE copy would probably also be much like the UK copy but, I can't say first hand with this title as I have not heard one. Their vinyl pressing is generally excellent.
Opps! Forgot to mention just one more thing... stay away from both the EMI US and British UK copies as they are later pressings, mid 70's and beyond! Cheers!
Thanks a lot.
The Japanese release is black label Odeon but US release says Capitol Records on it.
Overhang, fourty for the Odeon is a good price if it is clean and M-. It should have silver lettering on Black background. If you are willing to part with the cash, I think you will find this to be a very nice pressing. Capitol US is obviously on of a zillion later pressings (no way a first) and I would contend that it is worse than the EMI which isn't anything to write home about. Happy hunting.