Phantom Supreme to 4Point-14?

I'm considering it. Who's done it and what did you think? Members who've heard a head-to-head comparison are also welcome to chime in.

The turntable is an SP10R in Artisan Fidelity plinth. Cartridges at this point are an mainlyan A90 and Benz Ebony TR, but I'm planning for a MSL Gold or Platinum sometime down the road.



Dear Raul, Your prejudice about a.o. tonearms ''prevent you'' to grasp

the question. The question is NOT which arm is better but WHY SOME

OF THEM  have limited counter weights. One of possible reasons than

are kinds of bearings. In this context I mentioned Ikeda's preference

for ''steel bearings''. I myself have experiece not only with both EPA!00

(the black one looks fantsticc) but also with 4 versions of Reed. My

latest 3P I needed to put together myslef. So I was able to SEE the bearings.

Those are cheap .artificial sapphire kind which anybody can check qua

prices. Those are ''hard to believe'' in connection with present tonearm

prices. BTW my preferenc is since 1984 FR-64 S. For good reasons

irrespective what Raul thinks. MM Raul is different ''animal'' than tonearms

and  other componnts  Raul..

Graham’s customer service is so so at best.  Kuzma’s customer service is first class. 

@nandric : You are wrong again and talk because you have " mouth ". I never posted if the EPA 100 is better but only about its overall design made not by a single person but for a company that in those times belongs to the japanese gigantic Matushita group where Panasonic belongs too.

You can be sure that no one has more resources, dedicated and experts engineers, quality level of design and excecution of designs that TECHNICS.

In those times Technics never did a single design mistake in all its analog audio items. Technics manufactured TT motors for companies as Micro Seiki and others, his SP-02 was designed expressily to use as a motor for the recording cutting machines and even the SP10 MK3 motors were used in those cutting machines. You have no idea what you are talking about. With all respect to Ikeda and Reed you named they are almost " nothing " against what was Technics in those times: a " brutal " corporation.


There is no single problem with heavier counterweigths in the EPA 100, Technics gaves it as an add-on for those customers that need it. The tonearm bearing desing is unique gimbal kind using 20 precision ruby balls ( Technics precission not other manufacturer level. ). Got it? period.


Technics EPA-100 on




Dea Raul,

I have no intetion to contiue the disput with you about EPA 100. My feedback

by oweners mentioned those ruby bearings as  problematic because those

''give up'' as first. Like dampers by EMT cartridges. I am wondering that

nobody in this forum has something to say about this issue. I sold both

of my EPA 100 for the given reason of ''not suitable for MC cartridge''.

Try to balance with its counterweight an Ikeda FR-7 of any kind or

those ''big Ortofon's''.

Dear Lew,

I assume that everyone is familiar with your ''deviant love affairs'' in the

sense of prefering TT's about all other , say, components. Your tonearm

preferences are directly related to your TT's. I ever try to get your 

Kenwood without meantioning my reason. Ex post I can expalain.

I own this ''better Breuer'' with 6 ( aka six) counterweights which is

AS MADE for your Kenwood. For the second arm that is. I never

mentined this reason to you because of the fear that you would ask

ME to sell the ''precious'' to you. How could I refuse such appeal

from my English teacher ? The ''deviant'' preferece is easy to explain:

by your resolute  refusal to sell to me your Kenwood.