Philips VAM1202 Transport Problem- Need some help

The exact model # is Philips VAM1202/21LD. The transport refuses to play certain discs (especially Gold CD's), has also become very sensitive to vibration. Does other weird/annoying things as well. Questions: 1) is there any adjustment that I can make myself to the laser,2) any available software pic updates to solve issues 3) can I replace with any VAM1202 or upgrade it to a better transport. 4) where can I buy a VAM1202 here in the USA.

Transport related issues in current production machines are about to drive me away from buying ANY new cd player. The only choice is a cheap Philips/ Philips Pro or Sony. Seams I'm better off with an outboard Dac and using cheap/disposable DVD transports. Or even feeding the DAC from PC hard drive.

Thanks for your help
Just get a new transport, don't try to adjust.

MCM electronics:

MCM Part #: 32-18255 (mechanism)
MCM Part #: 32-24285 (pickup only)

Replacement is usually quite straightforward. If it works buy another and stick it in a drawer ....they are really cheap.
Well, this transport with version 21LD optical servo board is only available from China. The 1202 at MCM is appears not the same unit as in my player. Prior to reading here about "don't adjust". I took apart the machine and asked the importer to order me a whole new complete transport. Upon close inspection, I noticed a small screw to turn right under at the disasembled laser head. Tried 1/8 clockwise, put the thing back together and no dice. Then 1/8 counter clock and bingo. Now, I recently aquired this player second hand in mint condition and its been nothing but transport troubles. Now I know why the original owner was so eager to dump it cheap. I'll put the new assembly away in the draw, but am thrilled to learn that a VAM1202 can be adjusted . I hope it stays working as its a PIA to break this unit down for service. I hope others can gain some insight from my experience.