phono amp or not.

Decisions can be so hard sometimes. Soon I'll hopefully be getting a bonus from my work. I would like to spend some on improving my system. However there are two things I could do. But sadly I cannot do both. The two things I could do are:

1) Sell my speakers and by new speakers. This will hopefully improve my system overall. Meaning both my analog and digital sources will benefit from an speaker upgrade hopefully.

2) By a separate phono amp. This should hopefully improve my analogue source a lot. Since I don't like to keep upgrading I would like to do it right the first time and have a phono amp that will keep me happy for years to come.

But a new phono amp means I will also need to invest in some interlinks etc. Meaning this a phono amp might be more expensive then new speakers. However I can spend $100000 on speakers (not that I have that kind of money) but if my phono amp isn't up to par it might not be the best investment.

So what to do?

Also I live in Europe. So to get an idea what is available to me check

Ps Can anyone share their experience with Blue Amp Surzur?
You don't like upgrading often so I think you might want to keep your new speakers for another, say, seven-ten years. In my opinion, at present you don't have enough funds to make this kind of move. I don't know how good the phono stage you use is. If I were you, unless your speakers really annoy you, I would replace the turntable and possibly cartridge, and would think about phono stage after that. I would certainly not add separate phono before upgrading turntable. You could get much better VPI or Nottingham or Avid new, or SME used. That would be an upgrade you may not want to do again for many years ahead. But if you must have a phono I would suggest used LAMM or Gryphon. I also know that some really like Allnic electronics.
I would go with a loudspeaker upgrade so that you will appreciate future upgrades more. I agree with the above note to avoid lateral speaker trades. I saw a Zu Essence on Audio-markt and there are some Devore Nines listed here on Agon that are in Europe. Read up on them as they might not be lateral moves. The nines in particular are probably an excellent deal; I recently upgraded to super 8's rather than spending on electronics and am quite happy with the move.

Dump the Scout and the Dorian. The JMW arms have trouble with many modern carts and the Dorian has been replaced by the Delos. The Delos is warmer while keeping the detail. The Delos has a small vtf range it will track in so it may not work well in the JMW 9. The Kleos does not work well in my 9 Signature.

Good Luck,
Before I "dump"my turntable I think a phono pre would be a better choise. I doubt if I can hear an improvement with my current in build phono amp.

So buying an other turntable would not be the best option I think. I had my eyes on a pair of totem mani-2 but they have been sold already.
Speaker upgrade can be useful, when you go for a sensitive design (93dB+), you will get a more lively, much more effortless presentation with less resonance problems in the room. More important is the X-over, independent from the sensitivity from the chassis. Some can be a tough task for amps...

Phono Amp
Rolf Gmein (Symphonic Line) is a good Designer. A good Phono Stage is the key product for analog Reproduction. Each his own, but I always invested my most money in that stage, it is worth it. I used for a lot of years a Transistor unit from Stan Klyne (Model 7), not so common but he found some excellent solutions. Closed the gap between Transistor/Tube sound.
Good luck.