Phono amp recommendations

I am thinking of upgrading my phono amp and would like recommendations in a sub $2000 phono stage. I don't even have an "A" list yet and will build it off of others recommendations and some listening of course. I have a Nottingham Spacedeck with the New AceSpace arm, shelter 501 II, Belles Auricap 21A pre and ref. 150A poweramp. Dynaudio Special 25 speaker with Shunyata Gemini speaker and Aries interconnects. I love acoustic music, look a bit more towards warmth than detail. I listen to about 65%vinyl, 34% CDP and 1% wondering what I am going to listen to next. I listen to a wide variety of music, strong leaning to jazz, bluegrass, blues, acoustic rock and popular music, some classical pieces as well. Thanks for your input. Oh, I currently use a Dynavector P75 which is a great little amp, I am just thinking my other equipment could give me a little more with a nicer phono stage.
I have a Hagerman Trumpet and use it with a K&K Audio step-up. It provide loads of warmth, especially with NOS tubes. The Hagerman Coronet is no slouch either at half the price. However, if I had to do it all over again, the K&K Audio tube phono stage would get serious consideration.
The Audio Research PH5 is in your price range. I was planning to buy the ARC Ref when I entered the dealers store and walked out with the PH5 instead.
Pass Labs Ono- I have had one for 5 years. Built a tank with a separate power supply and you will never have a problem with gain as it goes up to 76db. Extremely quiet. There is a used one for sale of $1,775.
Suggest the K&K phono stage ( Call Kevin, who used to design for VAC and was the designer of the Art Audio Vinyl Reference before starting his own biz. It WILL best anything shy of $5K, including (from personal testing experience) 3 of the 5 mentioned above (other two not compared). Within your budget, too.