Phono cable for Graham Phantom

I have a new Graham Phantom with my new TW Acustic Raven One, an Ortofon Vienna cartridge, going into a McIntosh C200. I need advice for a top-quality phono cable.
Florian Hassel
I love the Stealth Hyperphono I'm using with my Raven AC, Phantom, Dyna XV-1s. A great cable, detailed but relaxed and musical sounding. Highly recommended.
Hi; I use a Graham 1.5 TC arm with a Ridge Street Audio Poiema Cable and just love it . The Ridge Street Audio cables just play music no need to look at any other cables IMHO . Marc
I have owned numerous phono cables from the Stealth Hyperphono, Graham IC-70, MIT Oracle, Purist Dominus and the Hyperphono brings on a level of clarity and retains the dimensionality unlike any of the rest. It has been a great cable with the Graham 2.2 arm. I have not heard the Ridge Street but to simply buy it or any other without directly comparing a few in your system is bad advice. I suspect it will take an audition of several cables for you to feel good about running with a cable for the long run.