Phono cabling - Opinions Sought

Have a VPI Super Scoutmaster TT w/ internal Nordost wiring. I've been using Nordost Heimdall phono cables to an outboard Clearaudio Symphono + phono stage. Have substituted several cables that I have on hand from phono stage to Plinius 9200 (nice internal phono on the Plinius, but MC stage too noisy). These have included AU24, Cardas Neutral Ref (not burned in just yet). Like the AU24, Cardas slightly greater detail/def'n but still not fully burnt in so a glare to the sound that makes things shrill at times. When the Heimdall phono cables are hooked direct to the Plinius (despite the noise) I really liked the sound, more so than I thought that cable would produce.

I've considered that perhaps maintaining Heimdall IC's to the amp would be a sensible move? Or at least Nordost IC's?

And that is about where I'm at . . . looking for opinions on that strategy of maintaining a consistency of cabling.