Phono Cartridge for $1,000.

Currently have Clearaudio Virtuoso MM cartridge . Wanting to go to MC. Found a Hana ML and a Sumiko Blackbird on sale for $1000. I am using a Musical Fidelity M6 phonostage so it will handle all. Is it worth it to change? If so, which one? I live in the sticks in Alabama so listening is almost impossible. 
Anybody know something about Hana’s mono cartridge? I’m somewhat considering replacing my AT33 Mono Anniversary.

If your arm leans toward medium-low mass the ART 9 is very hard to beat at that price. Maybe the one component I most regret selling. 
Another vote for the Hana SL. Can’t put to words the improvement over my Sumiko. Has about 25 hours and sounds lovely - and its party trick is how it reduces pops and clicks. Still playing with impedance - it calls for >400 ohms and flipping between 330 and 1k with my Tavish.

Note; compliance is 10 @100hz. Excel has explained this might be 17 @10hz :) typical Japanese ambiguity.  
@chakster  How many Hrs. would you get out of art-9 lo? Is that a match for vpi prime sig table. Or what is for that price range.
@fruitloopsr expect at least 1200 hours, the stylus type is AT's MicroLine (Special Line Contact) and dynamic compliance at 10Hz is about 30cu, weight is 8.5g so you can calculate everything here if you know VPI tonearm mass (i don't have this tonearm or this turntable).