Phono cartridge noises

Hi All, 

I finally after many years built a new home with a dedicated music room and was quite happy with it until I connected my turntables. I've never run across this and looking for advice as I'm truly lost on what I’m experiencing. 

I have two phono preamps, the Jolida JD-9 II / Grado Gold G2+2 High Output cartridge / Project RM 1.3 and a Black Ice Fusion F159 / Grado Reference Low Output cartridge / VPI Scout. Without the cartridges connected I have a slight bit of air noise when I turn up the volume which I kind of expect. As soon as I plug in the cartridges I pick up what I think is internet noise and not in a small way. The high output masks it to a point, the low output can't be used at all. It sounds like I'm on a spaceship! It's a high pitched noise with a morse code like beeping sound, a lot of background kinda rumble/flutter and distortion. The room is wired for ethernet but as yet not connected I only have WiFi in use. When I switch to any other source input on the main preamp all noise goes to silence. I have connected the phonos with different cables from Transparent Audio, Morrow, Original phono cables that came with the tables and even tried an old set of Monster Cables; all produce the same result as soon as the cartridge is introduced into the loop. 

Has anyone come across this I'm truly stumped?  



Do you live in a city or suburbs? House or apartment? Are your phono cables shielded? Is your audio system on the same circuit with any appliances? Does day vs night make any difference?

Hi Yogiboy, the sound clip you linked isn’t it but I did find one that’s really close to it. To better identify. I pulled the plugs on my router, there was no change. What I didn’t really pay any attention to until now is that they built a 5G tower about 1,000 feet away that’s just slightly higher than my system room. I don’t think there’s any way to correct that! 

Lewm, I have three dedicated circuits, no difference day or night, suburbs. 

What bugs me is that at my apartment a few blocks further away from the tower I didn’t have this issue!


You should call the company that owns that tower. You might need some kind of filter installed to eliminate the problem!


I’ll see what I can find on it. I’m going to move the tables to the other side of the room today and try aluminum foil over the window. I don’t have high hopes but crazier things right!

Thanks again for the quick responses!