Phono Cartridge Purchase from Asia?

Considering purchasing a Benz Micro Zebrawood L from an Audiogon classified that ships from Asia. I’m a little nervous with it coming from Asia. Does anyone have any experience purchasing from this seller? I wish there was a Benz Micro US distributer. Ugh. 




You say 'Asia'.  Where in Asia??

Quite a bit of Asia is OK, has honest people and a decent rule of law.

But China is the wild west.  Don't go there.

Beware saying Hong Kong is OK.  It used to be.  Sadly tt's part of China now and is being infiltrated by dodgy mainlanders.

@mulveling Thanks! I pulled the trigger on the Benz Zebra L. You recommended it to me a couple months back in a different thread. I’m replacing a Hana SL. Looking forward to hearing it! 

I bought a Benz Micro Glider SL two years ago from KRON.

Just weeks later I got Covid, and literally forgot all about the cartridge I’d put aside for later.

I’d even posted here asking for input on choosing another cartridge when I realized I already had one.


Cartridge is great, but while connecting it to A Musical Surroundings Nova III I had one channel gain off by a lot and contacted Benz USA about warranty. 

I know, I know…

while talking this through I asked if they ever had issues with units sold overseas - as my cartridge’s serial number didn’t show up in their system- and the rep I spoke with said to his knowledge there have never been any counterfeit BM cartridges made.

 I got it cheap, $680 + about $30 FEDEX global, which was at least $500 less than i could find it anywhere US. 

Best $500 I never spent.

If you buy "grey market" goods from overseas they will not be covered by a US warranty and the sellers generally don't accept credit cards, so yes, there's a risk.  Know that going into the purchase and decide for yourself if it's a good deal or not.  I bought a cartridge from Kron and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.


I have purchased 2 carts from Kron in the last 2 years or so. Kiseki Purpleheart and a Benz Micro LPS.

The seller is honest, reputable, and ships incredibly fast. I received both of these items in two or three days maximum from his location, delivered right to my door.


There is a downside. No warranty. I broke the stylus right off one of these cartridges. (The Benz). The manufacturer denied the warranty claim. I sent it to a third path repair facility and all is good.

I think you have nothing to be concerned about with the seller other than warranty issues. I feel the risk of no warranty can be worth it. But you should be aware of it going in.

To underscore the positive, I found Kron to be reasonable in negotiations, his shipping to Chicago was as fast as domestic shipping in many cases, and his communication was great.