Phono interconnect under $500 used

I am using Mogami 2549 interconnects at the moment to connect from the tonearm to my phonostage. It is good, well balanced tonally with macro dynamics and speed. However I get a feeling that I am missing on outright resolution. Is it a realistic expectation to find another interconnect within $500 (used) which will have the fine balance of Mogami yet improves on the resolution ? I am not looking at the latest and the greatest but rather a proven IC for phono connection.
I use Synergisitc Research Tricon phono cable. There was one listed on agon for $425 I think. I don't know if it is still there. IMHO this is a very good phono cable.

My suggestion is that you indicate the cartridge and phono stage you are using, and the length of the cable that is required, and give greatest weight to responses that are based on similar circumstances.

-- Al