Phono preamp

Currently using a Sansui 4000 vintage receiver in my second system and was curious if the Schitt Mani or any other similar priced SS phono amp would be an upgrade.No problem with the Sansui but we all like to upgrade for better results.Thanks for any information.
question I have is the Sansui original? 

I'm asking because of the age and part start to drift and lose tolerances (Caps specially) some of the phono sections of those vintage receivers were actually quite good so you may want to consider some service work and replace some of the know failure items like power supply caps and the phono stage parts as they have closer tolerances. 

This may be the least expansive option and would freshen up your whole receiver. other then that the new parts in the Schitt phono may surprise you. 

I had my Sansui TU 717 tuner rebuilt ( little more extensive then what I had originally started with) total cost including muldorf caps in the key areas $400 ( Canadian so nock off 30%). 

True,thanks for the info.I use a Technics SL 1700 in my second system so  switch carts.Shure VST V,AT 14s.
As others have suggested, you can buy used and if it's not better then sell it for zero or no loss.  You will need an extra set of interconnects though and remember to use an auxiliary input on your receiver; not the phono input.  The ARC PH3 f/s on this site would be a good one to try in my opinion.