Phono preamp

Currently using a Sansui 4000 vintage receiver in my second system and was curious if the Schitt Mani or any other similar priced SS phono amp would be an upgrade.No problem with the Sansui but we all like to upgrade for better results.Thanks for any information.
As others have suggested, you can buy used and if it's not better then sell it for zero or no loss.  You will need an extra set of interconnects though and remember to use an auxiliary input on your receiver; not the phono input.  The ARC PH3 f/s on this site would be a good one to try in my opinion.
I have used the Schiit Mani. 

Great for the price, and subjectivelyl(as EVERYTHING audio) equal to units twice or more the cost.

As mentioned earlier, try one and sell it if you don't like it. For $129, no wallet damage either way.
Take a look at the entry level Simaudio Moon Phono - it's technology & design  has flowed down from their higher models - they make great phono amps