Phono preamp

Currently using a Sansui 4000 vintage receiver in my second system and was curious if the Schitt Mani or any other similar priced SS phono amp would be an upgrade.No problem with the Sansui but we all like to upgrade for better results.Thanks for any information.
under 1K, just MM (or if there's MC on there also so be it, but in my case no need)
I have tried the Mani with two different turntable setups and just could not get into it.  Dare I say it, sounded almost digital in my system.  I settled for an almost new MoFi Studio for $200.  Definitely better.  They haven't been around for long so if you can find a used one as I did it won't be very old.  
Oh, and did I mention that it has a mono and rumble switch, plays both MM and MC with adjustable loading.
Two pieces of advice here were spot on:
1) Refurb the receiver. Everything should sound better. 
2) Try the Schiit. 15 day money back guarantee. You can only lose some shipping cost. 
I'm using the phono 1 on the receiver which sounds good to me with a MM cartridge but is phono 2 compatible for MC cartridges?