Phono preamp

Currently using a Sansui 4000 vintage receiver in my second system and was curious if the Schitt Mani or any other similar priced SS phono amp would be an upgrade.No problem with the Sansui but we all like to upgrade for better results.Thanks for any information.
Two pieces of advice here were spot on:
1) Refurb the receiver. Everything should sound better. 
2) Try the Schiit. 15 day money back guarantee. You can only lose some shipping cost. 
I'm using the phono 1 on the receiver which sounds good to me with a MM cartridge but is phono 2 compatible for MC cartridges?
Does anyone bother to read the OP’s post? Where can he get a SIM or ARC in the price range of the Schiit Mani?
Granted - the Mani seems like a great deal, but how serious is the OP about their vinyl?

The Simaudio Moon 110 LP retails for $650 - 
so a used unit could be significantly cheaper - Cannuck Audio Mart had one for $400 Canadian ($305 US, so it's getting closer)

Again - not really in the $129 ball park, but the 110 LP is a significantly better unit than the Mani

I spent more that $650 on a couple of Phono stages that proved to be a lot less revealing than my current Moon LP 5.3, so sometimes making frugal choices can cost more in the long run.

The design of the 110 LP came from the development of the more expensive models, so it shares many of the same features

I just thought the OP should consider this product before jumping on the Mani bandwagon - it could prove to be less expensive in the long run

Regards - Steve

Not sure what OP did but the original Sansui it were to be  recapped/upgraded where possible will likely beat many sub $1k stand alone units