Phono Preamp

I upgraded my equipment recently with a Triode Lab 2a3 integrated and a pair of Klipsch Forte III. My turntable is still a Project Carbon 2Xperience Classic, and the phono preamp it's a Pro-ject Phono Box S.

I am thinking about to change the phono preamp and wait a bit for the turntable upgrade. Is very difficult to get a demo for home test, so, according with your experience, witch pre-amp do you recommend with this equipment?

Or is better to go to the full pack and change both, turntable and amp?

The Herron phono is also a very good suggestion, but more expensive than the EAR. For a less expensive turntable the entry level Kuzmas with arm are hard to beat.

The Slee review mentioned in a previous post rates a model near the bottom of the Slee line. And, the wallwort power supply is vastly inferior to their PSUI power supply. Positive and negative reviews can be found on almost every piece of audio gear.

Avid Diva II SP TT, SME 309 arm, AT ART9 cartridge, AND (save the best for last) Herron VTPH 2a phono preamp. Entire set-up right around $10k. I haven't checked SME in a long time, they may a TT that's comparable in price to the Avid. Build quality and sound of Avid and SME is phenomenal.
The EAR 834 P is an excellent choice if you like classic tube sound. If you like leaning more towards SS sound but want just a little of that tube glow a used ARC PH-3 or PH-3 SE would be the way to go. Funny thing is that both phono amps use the same three 6922 tubes. The EAR uses step up transformers the ARC does not. When it comes turntable time I would go for broke on the table and tonearm cheeping out on the cartridge to start. My logic is that cartridges wear out rather quickly in comparison to a good TT and tonearm so next cartridge down the line go for broke on that. I don't mean getting a bad cartridge just getting a less expensive one of which there are many sonically competent ones on the market. Turntables, tonearms and cartridges are rather delicate devices easily damaged so I never recommend getting used ones unless it is a single owner unit and you know the owner very well.