Phono Preamp as Control Center

I’m interested in the possibility of using a phono preamp as the control center for my system. Said preamp would have a number of requirements:

1) Must have one line input for digital
2) Volume control (obviously)
3) Remote control – not an absolute requirement but highly preferable
4) $5000 or less, used is fine

The only unit that I’m aware of that meets all of the above criteria is the Manley Steelhead V2 with Remora remote. So, my question is, are there others and if so, what are they? Thanks very much in advance.
There is a version of the original Aesthetix IO that has a volume control (very high quality) and one line input; no remote that I recall, though. A friend of mine has had one for years and loves it, a great piece. Maybe difficult to find used, but the original price was $7,000 when it was first introduced so used it might fit in your budget.
I bet that Bill Baker of Purity Audio Design could design and build you one that would do anything you want. 607-768-0067. He is a heck of a nice guy and a terrific designer/builder. I can't say enough good things about his product, his approach and his delivery. My Purity Audio Designs preamp is a dream. Good luck.