Phono preamp evolution

We have seen this for speakers amps even turntables what about phono preamps?
Any of you guys (gals) try a Plinius Jarrah? And if so how it compared to some of these others?
Well, when I got back into vinyl a long 3.5 years ago ;-) I was temporarily using the phono stage from my receiver I used in the 80's, (can't remember the name), then I picked up a Dynavector P-75 about 3 years ago and a couple of months ago I switched to a Pass Labs Xono, (what I'm hoping will be my last phono stage). Cheers.

1987 - Proton D-540
1998 - Rogue 66
1999 - Rogue 99
200X - Bottlehead Seduction
2004 - Aesthetix Io Signature
2006 - Shindo Monbrison

I'm sure there were more in there, but I can't remember them.