phono preamp for the ortofon 2m bronze

hello need some input . I am looking to get back to my vinyl, I have a kenwood kd650 spinner with a grace 707 tone arm. I need a phono preamp and have been looking at the sim audio 110lp v2, arcam r phono,  musical surroundings phenomena II and the last one is the project phono box ultra 500 which does not have any reviews I can find .I would like to stay solid state so are any of these preamps a good choice? if so which is better? there are so many on the market it is hard to pick one out. I would like it to be adjustable also . thanks for the help.
I recently purchased the ARCAM rPhono and use it with an Ortofon 2M black.  The HiFi+ review is what I experienced.  The build quality and range of adjustability without having to go into the unit is quite remarable for the price, especially since Partsconnexion has it for $299.99.  Note that ARCAM has discontinued the item.  One item to note, its pretty tight on the back, the RCA inputs are pretty close, so no firehose RCA cables.  But it is a nicely finished full aluminum housing, and the base is solid rubber (no feet) so although pretty light, it stays put on the shelf.
yes I saw it on parts connexion  and the price is very good. I did not know that arcam has discontinued it. but I did check on parts connexion and they have quite a few in stock . the arcam did have some good reviews and  so did the sim audio lp110 v2 . the musical surroundings is priced higher but used is  just a little higher than the sim and arcam. the only difference is the sim has is 0 pf capacitance switch and no on off switch. the project ultra 500 has discrete technology but no reviews I can find.
Not sure what your budget is but I have a Parasound JC3 Jr. with my Denon DP-60L/Ortofon Bronze combo. I'm no vinyl expert but it sounds great to me. I was able to snag the JC3 Jr. used for well under a grand.