Phono Preamp Question

I have a Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge (output voltage 0.28 mV) running through a Fosgate Signature phono preamp. The gain provided by the Fosgate does not appear to be high enough as I must turn volume up very high and that adds noise. Can any of you recommend a phono preamp that provides higher gain for me.
The rest of my system: VPI Aries Extended, ARC Reference 3 preamp, Magico V2 speakers.

60dB is a lot already. 
The Simaudio Moon Neo 310LP offers 72dB when using balanced out (66dB for RCA), and they state a S/N of 88dB for a gain of 66dB.
I run a Pass XP15 with my Dyna xx2mkII with great results, I believe you can get up to 76 db gain and it sounds divine.    

Why give up on the Foz? Consider a step up transformer thru the mm gain setting.

I have a Foz and found MC's around .3mv and less work fine this way.
A used unit/IC's is much cheaper than a new phonostage, and no sonic penalty.

I use the same Dyna XX2MkII cartridge with a ModWright Reference Phono PH-150 (tube phono stage).  Plenty of gain, and it sounds great.