Phono preamp tube rolling.

As upgrade rush bites again, planning to perform some tube rolling on my Rouge Ares Magnum. Please share some experience with tube rolling on pure tube circuit topology phono preamps. Practical experiences are preferred. Theoretical options are welcome too.
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The OTK stamp meant it went through quality control and met the highest specs.

There are a couple dealers in Russia and Ukraine selling various Russian tubes. A 1578 stamped on the glass with the multiple holes on the supporting rod is the real deal. Many sellers call their tubes Melz 1578, you just have to see the internal structure to know they are not.

The OTK stamp meant it went through quality control and met the highest specs
You right about passing through quality control… but too optimistic about highest specs…all Soviet NOS has to be carefully checked before using…we have to be specifically careful with tubes made in USSR in 80s - 90s cause quite control of this period was much lower than 60s - 70s. 
@surfmuz , you are so right. I  mentioned on another tube thread that I'm done with Melz. I purchased a pair of 1578 OTK from a dealer in Russia, 30 day returns. I loved them, ordered 2 more pairs. Long story short, 4 tubes had crackling issues, the remaining pair will reside on my shelf. I'll save them for a rainy day.

I found out later on a different forum about the poor QC after 1970s. Mine are 1980 vintage and can be restored by resoldering the connections inside the pins. A few owners who also bought the 1980s have done it successfully.

I can say that andy's tubes sells special graded phono tubes and driver tubes that will cut down on system noise and sound better at the same time, you should check it out before swapping a bunch of non graded tubes in/out of phono circuits.