Phono preamp with multiple inputs?? Suggestions please!!

Hi all!

I have 2 tables one is a suspended design and I have 3 tonearms… currently on the market for one with multiple inputs. One of my arms contains a mono cartridge, hence need a mono switch. I like to have one box solution. Would love to control adjustments on the fly but definitely not necessary. I just want that option if possible..

Possibilities are;

Mofi master phono

lab 12 Melto 2 

moonriver 505  


Any other suggestions or recommendations you are currently using?

Appreciate and suggestions!! Happy Spinning and have a wonderful weekend everyone!!




this is the 1st time you have explained this and 1st time said I was wrong. If so, I thank you for the correction, however, what I hear is ....

My McIntosh mx110z has a Mode Switch,

I have Stereo and Mono LP’s, and Stereo and Mono Cartridges ready to play. I can play with all 3 arms engaged, and near instantly compare a,b,c with the front switch and MC setting or Pass, some volume differences, I make temporary pencil marks.

My friend Jim, met him here, is coming Thursday, I will wait for him, hear what we hear, old and new Mono LPs

Suffice to say, for the Nth time, that the signals in each channel due to vertical deflection of the cantilever cancel each other because they’re 180 degrees out of phase, when you bridge a stereo cartridge to play a mono LP. Hence hf surface noise is reduced, not “doubled”. Sorry for hijacking the thread.

I have an Aesthetix Rhea Signature.  Not only is it fantastic sounding with its tube based dual mono design but you can change the gain and loading settings on the fly with the remote for each of the three inputs separately.   Once the unit is turned off, all of the settings for each of the three inputs remain in the system memory.  

I bought mine on USAM for well under 4 grand but have put some money into NOS tubes.  Also, support at Aesthetix located in CA is fantastic.  End game phone stage for me.

Agree with you on Aesthetic customer support @paulietunes i am happy you found your end game phono preamp. happy spinning!!


It appears that the long (12"?) tone arm on the right side of the table is improperly set up.  The gimble should be rotated clockwise at least 5 - 10 degrees (toward the platter) to get the travel more toward the center of arm travel.  It currently appears to be running near the end of travel at the inner grooves.  The gimble should be adjustable so that the base is stationary while the gimble is rotated.