Phono Preamps $500 - $1500

I will be using MM or high-output MC phono cartridges only. Currently I am using a Thorens TD124, SME 3009, Shure V15 Type IV setup. I'm considering the following phono preamps:

Simaudio Moon LP3 and LP5.3

If you have experience with these phono preamps, or have other suggestions, I would like to hear from you.

Thank you.
What tonal characteristics are you looking for?

If you are looking for detail, speed, sound stage layering and separation between instruments, I would prefer the JLTI to the Graham and PS Audio (both I listened to extensively). The JLTI has way more resolution and captures much more nuances than either of these two.

I have not heard the Simaudio, but there is review of both JLTI and Simaudio LP5.3 in issue 11 of toneaudio. The review of the JLTI is much more enthusiastic and in the end the JTLI won the product of the year award.

Toneaudio Issue 11


Look into

He makes amazing stuff. I have a Trumped which now
comes as a 2 box design with variable loading.
I second Rene's rec. of the JLTi. Amazing phono pre for the price - rivals others up to the $3k price range.
Another one to consider at the low end of your price range :>) is a used Mod Squad phono preamp with its included outboard power supply.
Quite a classic great sounding unit for classic cartridges of a bygone era.
I also mate this with Shure V15 Type IV setup.
Sounds very fine with my Grado Signature MCX cartridge, as well as other Shure cartridges in the V15 series.
Hi Greg , I have used the graham slee Era gold V and have tried the moon lp 5.3 . I am not familier with the ps audio . Both the graham and the moon are highly praised units . I sold the graham slee era gold V and now have the newer version the graham slee Reflex era gold . It is a good deal better than its predessor or the moon and is well within your range even new .Check the reveiws . As far as capturing more resolution or nuances in my opinion that starts in the grooves first with the cartridge then the phono pre .I get great resoltion, speed and nuances . The bass is exceptional as is the mids and highs . I use a rega exact 11 cartridge with an rb 300 rega arm (rewired it myself with the incognito wire set ) on a ja michell gyro se mk 11 and am very pleased with its performance versus cost . I know you would be happy with the graham slee.....till the bug bites again . Thats been my experience anyway . Cheers