Phono Preamps with "balls" ?

taking the cue from another thread about speakers with "balls" - what are some phono preamps that you have found to be the most powerful, dynamic and yet still sound clean.  
i turn on my digital sources and they are often much more robust sounding and would like to know if there are phono preamps that can deliver.  thanks in advance  
This is a long thread with a lot of technical info added in for fun; but my take on phono preamps is based on a shoot out I had with a grouping of mid range priced units.  The price range was $1500 to $4K with some $2.5K stuff in the middle and one lower priced straggler at $700 for fun.
Hands down, as in no competition, The Whest Three Signature blew the others out of the water.  It had huge dynamic range, very powerful low end which was crisp and wonderful smooth mids to upper range.   It just did it all and very well.

I brought in a Whest 2019 PS.30 RDT SE to compare against the Whest Three Signature, keep in mind this is much more expensive and it was customized by James for a 19 pf input capacitance with a special gain setting at 48 db to work seamlessly with an Audio Technica AT20ss vintage cartridge with a NOS original stylus on a Beryllium cantilever. 

There is a definite similarity between the Three and the PS.30 RDT SE; you know that they were built  by the same team.   However the PS.30 RDT SE takes things up a notch in the detail it pulls from the recording.   I'd say the Three is 95% of the 30; but it takes a lot more money to pick up another 5%.  And to go up higher from the 30 to say the 40 series or even the Titan Pro will take a doubling of expenditure.

I'd say from what I have experienced, the Whest Phono stages are the top of the line. 
" Any Naim phono stage would get you solid sound with great PRAT and rhythm. ..'
I just ordered one of those cheap Naim replicas that are in ebay.
Wish me luck.
I had a Whest phonostage a while back that was very ballsy, er ah robust sounding.
Audio Research Ref Phono 2SE or the current 3.  Either have two big brass ones. 
"  A CD with a top DAC ( 32bits/384 khz.) and good overall design outperforms any phono stage it does not matters the phono stage price/pedigree ( including yours. ) in the bass " management " and this is not because your unit or other units are not good designs because I know your design is a good one but it’s because the differences between a digital and LP recording technics."

Makes me smile. The most shocking lifelike dynamics I`ve ever heard from any system came from a vinyl setup using a "slightly modified" Jadis JP-80MC.