Phono Preamps with "balls" ?

taking the cue from another thread about speakers with "balls" - what are some phono preamps that you have found to be the most powerful, dynamic and yet still sound clean.  
i turn on my digital sources and they are often much more robust sounding and would like to know if there are phono preamps that can deliver.  thanks in advance  
I had a Whest phonostage a while back that was very ballsy, er ah robust sounding.
Audio Research Ref Phono 2SE or the current 3.  Either have two big brass ones. 
"  A CD with a top DAC ( 32bits/384 khz.) and good overall design outperforms any phono stage it does not matters the phono stage price/pedigree ( including yours. ) in the bass " management " and this is not because your unit or other units are not good designs because I know your design is a good one but it’s because the differences between a digital and LP recording technics."

Makes me smile. The most shocking lifelike dynamics I`ve ever heard from any system came from a vinyl setup using a "slightly modified" Jadis JP-80MC. 

“" Any Naim phono stage would get you solid sound with great PRAT and rhythm. ..'
I just ordered one of those cheap Naim replicas that are in ebay.
Wish me luck.“
you’re going to need it, the real ones don’t come with a power supply so presumably the knockoffs don’t either.

The Stageline N works very well with a Decca by the way, except for RF pickup, that can be a problem if your luck is out but that’s more to do with the Decca.
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